The Other Half | The Beauty of Falling Apart

  • Oct 16 - 17, 2019

  • DJD Dance Centre
    111 12 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, Alberta T2G 0Z9, Canada


The Other Half | The Beauty of Falling Apart 
A double bill featuring evocative and uncanny expressions of the female voice in duet form. We welcome back 2018 festival artists Heather Ware and Vanessa Goodman and their collaborators.

The Other Half 
Action at a Distance (Vancouver)

A new work from Action at a Distance created by and performed by collaborators Vanessa Goodman, Belinda McGuire and lighting designer James Proudfoot.

It was half their lifetimes ago that Goodman and McGuire last danced together while growing up in Toronto. Collaborating now after 18 years apart, they revisit the shared muscle memory of their youth as a starting point to create a new duet that views their physicality through the prism of an immune system. The shared antibodies of their past fuse with a new collection of pathogens to play off the harmony and conflict of two bodies as familiar with one another as they are foreign. By working to see the world through each other's eyes in "The Other Half" they find ways to re-compose and re-experience what it is like to be one another.

 The Beauty of Falling Apart
Heather Ware (Banff/Netherlands) & Hilde Elbers (Netherlands)

The Beauty of Falling Apart is a mental experiment through the body. An uncanny and yet seductively precise exercise in how two individuals strive to find trust, to inhabit the thin edge of being "just safe enough”. What happens when nature becomes a threat? This question forms the theme of The Beauty of Falling Apart by Hilde Elbers and Heather Ware.

Venue Details
DJD Dance Centre
111 12 Avenue Southeast, Calgary, Alberta T2G 0Z9, Canada
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