thaw | Extended Body | No More Fantasies

  • Oct 25 - 26, 2019

  • cSpace King Edward
    1721 29 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta T2T 6T7, Canada


thaw | Extended Body | No More Fantasies
The edges of identity and body mobility are explored and unravelled in this triple bill of embodied narratives.

 Fluid Fest partners with Inside Out Theatre Good Host Program to present a Relaxed Environment Performance on Saturday, October 26. Audio Description Tickets for the same evening are also available.

Zahra Shahab (Vancouver)

thaw is a solo about the liminal spaces between identities. It is a search for morphological transformation of the characters that surface in the body. Allowing the fantastical to create room for unstable narratives, thaw is about suspending oneself in a state of flux and finding the jagged alchemy that occurs there.

Extended Body
Erin Ball (Kingston)
Co-presented with Inside Out Theatre

Extended Body explores movement and sound with various mobility devices and extensions or lack thereof, of Erin Ball’s physical body. Each change brings a different quality, style and aesthetic to the movement. This performance is a result of collaborations with several choreographers and artists, including Holly Treddenick (Femmes du Feu), Keren Zaiontz (Queens University), Michele Frances (SkyCandy) and Jane Kirby (Low Lit Aerial Arts). Erin has also worked on enhancing the piece for blind audiences, under the guidance of Alex Bulmer.

"...disability art can be performative without being therapeutic, progressive without being overtly political and celebratory without being framed as a miracle." - Christiana Myers, Canadian Art

No More Fantasies
Future Leisure (Vancouver)

Corrupting the form of 'pas de deux' by employing a utilitarian approach to physical interaction, the limits of two female bodies is displayed unadorned; the shake of muscles in contraction, the watery movement of released limbs. There is a detached sense of give and take where consent is pre-established and the co-operative nature of the performers relationship renders weight exchange matter of fact. Limbs are stepped on, handled, lifted, or moved with delicate care, as the two women utilize each other's bodies for motion, propelled through space by surrendering agency to the other.

Venue Details
cSpace King Edward
1721 29 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta T2T 6T7, Canada
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