Celebrate the Vogue/Ballroom culture with Fluid Festival this year at the first “Fluid Kiki Vogue Ball”. 

Open to all, serve your art history knowledge and werk your favourite works of art for a chance to win cash prizes and more! 

This ball is OPEN TO ALL, highlighting and celebrating the LGBTQ2S+ and BIPOC communities.

Check out the categories below.


A collaboration between VogueYYC & Ralph Escamillan (Vancouver)
Co-presented by Fluid Fest, Calgary Queer Arts Society & Fake Mustache Drag King Troupe



Vogue and Ballroom culture emerged in the 1930s and 40s in New York City, birthed by the Black and Latinx LGBTQ2S+ community who were excluded from the pageant world of white America. The development of the Ballroom scene created safe and inclusive spaces for these communities to explore and experience life styles from which they were excluded due to systemic oppression. 

A BALL is an event that hosts a series of competitive categories, each with their own focus. Having been birthed in NYC by communities of Queer Black and Latinx people out of a need for safe nightlife spaces due to the discrimination they faced, balls are typically centered around creating safe space for LGBTQIA2+ POC.

Spectators, competitors, and judges, come together to celebrate people within their communities and compete against each other in different categories. Some of the most popular categories are Vogue Performance, Sex Siren, Hands, Runway, Bazaar, and Face. Each of these categories have specific requirements, and competitors are judged by a panel on how well they accomplish them. Before competing against others, category participants are required to “walk” one by one to receive full approval from all judges, known as ‘receiving your 10s’. Competitors who make their 10s battle one on one against each other to impress the judges until there is one winner. 





This category is open to anyone who has not competed in a Vogue Performance category at any other ball before. Competitors must be able to showcase all 5 elements confidently to make their 10s

Get your 10’s in a look that express the power of COLOUR like Rothko and Kooning. You must show us all your 5 elements + give us an photo example of what piece you are referencing.


This category is OTA - there are no mandatory dance elements but it is encouraged for competitors to have an elementary understanding of face category techniques.

Face drowned in fabric. 

Michaelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael painted us flawless faces drowned in a sea of fabric. Show us your work of art in a flowing garment to get your 10s.


This is an EFFECT (LOOKS) category - no dancing involved however movement is encouraged to show off your work and bring your effect to life.

Give us an over the top head to toe surreal fantasy by referencing the surrealism greats Khalo, Picasso and Dali. THIS IS NOT ABOUT FASHION, but more about utilizing your creativity to show us what you can create!


This category is  OTA - there are no mandatory dance elements but competitors should have an understanding of the difference between American (butch) and European (femme) runway styles. Both styles will be competing together with no restrictions around which genders are able to participate in either category.

Pop artists like Worhol, Basquiat, Kusama referenced the world we live in, creating works that made us question our place in society. We want to see you take their ideas to the runway with an effect to make us gag for, with a walk to toot.

Venue Details
Dickens Pub
1000 9 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2Y6, Canada
FLUID FEST OCT 15 - 27, 2019 Embrace Experience BE MOVED. BE CURIOUS. BE FLUID.